Creative Cakes - 2016 Trend

Friday, February 19, 2016

Hello my lovely readers,

I wanted to share with you all an exciting cake trend that's very creative, fun, bright and bold.

We have been seeing amazing and some unique desserts all over the internet and this cake style will definitely catch you and your guests eye, make you drool over and leave you wondering about what's inside and on top of the cake.

The whole idea is that you add your favourite candies, fruits, cookies and everything edible that you can imagine and you love on the cake as the topper or on the sides of all layers which means you can not only request from a baker but you can Do-It-Yourself as well. If you know your friend, love or any other significant other's favourite sweets then this is the perfect gift. For healthy alternatives, you can go with fruits and decorative flowers as they will still look colourful and pretty.

These cakes are definitely over the top and for all the sweet toothed people!

Katherine Sabbath style cake:

A very pink cake for a very good friend of mine. This was my gift for her as a celebration of her baptism, birthday and graduation :

The Unbirthday Bakery:

Persian Love Cake by Katherine Sabbath Can't wait to make this! Caramel mud cake, rose-cheesecake filling, topped with meringue kisses, pistachios, rose petals and fig segments. Dreamy!:

Layers of chocolate brownie & caramel mudcake, filled with Nutella fudge, crushed honeycomb, Maltesers, crushed butterscotch caramels & covered in a salted caramel Swiss meringue buttercream. Topped with all things crunchy, caramelly & chocolatey! | @katherine_sabbath:

“How cool are these chocolate shards by @deliciousbysara #deliciousbysara #queenslandcakes #cakeporm”:

"I Dropped my Ice Cream" cake by Sugarbites inspired by cake geniuses @katherine_sabbath & @unbirthdaybakery. Bringing a little whimsical fun to your cakes! This one's a chocolate Ovomaltine cake covered in a mint green Swiss meringue buttercream & drizzled in white chocolate ganache tinted pink. And that "ice cream" that you dropped? It's a chocolate cupcake filled with Nutella. All prettied up with sprinkles & smarties & gold fairy dust-:

Cakes By Cliff on Instagram: “A vanilla layered buttercake with Swiss meringue buttercream topped with mixed berries, macarons, fresh flowers, a huge pink sail, toasted meringue and #burgundy coloured pipings ”:

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 4.07.04 pm.png:

The drip cake is one of the most popular new wedding trends for for the year ahead and this sweet number gets bonus points for its double drip effect.:

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  2. Cakes have undergone a significant change in the recent years and they are made in so many unique designs. This is a very nice article with several amazing cake ideas that can be made for a birthday, anniversary or any other celebration. I would certainly try the upside down cone cake for my kid’s birthday.

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