Colour Of The Year 2016 - Rose Quartz and Serenity

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Hello my lovely readers,

I hope you are all having a great new year so far. I had such a lovely welcoming moment and started of the year just perfectly.

This year is such an exciting year for the colour lovers and the trend followers.
Pantone has announced the colour of the year or should I say colours of the year? We have two beautiful colours that balance the warmer and cooler tones.

Rose Quartz and Serenity are introduced as the combination of the warmer embracing rose tone and the cooler tranquil blue. The colours not only create balance but also symbolize gender equality.

The pairing of these beautiful soft colours will set the mood of calm and relaxation whether they are used in creating fashionable outfits, furnitures, food, drinks and any other items that you can think of. They are perfect when also combined with greens, purples, rich browns and all shades of yellow and pink. If you need the colours to pop more then you can always add hot brights, silvers and sparkles.

Whether you want to use the colours separately or combined, here are my inspirations for you all:

○ Decor ○

○ Bride ○

○ Bridemsaids ○

○ Engagement or Wedding Rings ○

○ Shoes for Bride or Bridesmaids○

○ Groom ○

○ Groomsmen ○

○ Bouquet ○

○ Cake ○

○ Drinks ○

○ Makeup ○

○ Interior Design ○

○ Earrings ○

○ Fashion ○

○ Nails ○

I hope you all got inspired and incorporate the colours in your next event or when you are shopping for a new outfit, makeup, home furniture or cosmetics. 

Let me know which colour do you like the most? Or do you like both Rose Quartz and Serenity?

Personally I like both because they are such subtle and soft colours that can be be used with dark, bright and pastel in between colours. 

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