Top 10 Diamond Shapes

Friday, December 18, 2015

Hello my love readers,
Sending you all some warm greetings and also some guidance on choosing your perfect ring whether you are planning to propose to that special person that you can't imagine your future without, getting married or just looking for a jewelry for your loved ones for the holidays. 

When you walk into a jewelry store or browse online and you see all the rings you will be amazed by how many rings there could be. From cut to colour, rings will vary and it might be a little chaos trying to choose a ring. 

If you have seen a ring that you like but you might want to just add few little stones here and there to spice up or want to create a customize ring, but you are not sure how to speak to the ring professionals, here are the top 10 diamond shapes that will help you to choose your perfect ring and help you talk like the diamond expert:

1. Round Diamond

It is the most popular cut that's sold due the the great reflection against the light and the brightness. The round shape has a high demand which means it's a favour for many people.

2. Princess Diamond

It's also a popular cut for engagement rings. The tend to have lower price than the round cut.

3. Oval Diamond

This cut is similar to round by the way it looks, but more unique. Because of it's elongated shape, the oval cut gives the impression of greater size.

4. Marquise Diamond

The shape is long and narrow, so this cut also gives the illusion of greater size. The marquise cut makes the finger appear slimmer and longer when you wear.

5. Pear Shaped Diamond

This is a combination look of marquise and round cut diamonds. The narrow tapered point end is worn toward the hand and it almost looks like an upside down water drop.

6. Cushion Diamond

The shape is combined of a square cut with rounded corners. The cushion cut looks like a pillow and has been on the market for a long time therefore you can find a lot of antique rings.

7. Emerald Cut Diamond

It has an elegant appeal and the sparkle has light and dark flashes producing a hall of mirror effect.

8. Asscher Cut Diamond

The cut was popular during the 1920's and began to comeback in the early 2000's. It's very traditional  and antique shape.

9. Radiant Cut Diamond

It's a perfect shape to combine with square and rounded cornered diamonds if you want more creative rings that have lots of diamonds for that beautiful visual.

10. Heart Shaped Diamond

The cut is popular since the shape of the diamond symbolizes love. The more the carats the better the shape of the heart the 2 halves of the heart will be identical and perfect.

Write in the comment below which shape is your favourite or which one do you already have as your engagement or wedding ring? I would love to know!

Good luck on your diamond shopping! 

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