Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Hello my lovely readers,

Hope you are all bundled up for the winter! If you are living in a sunny place, well...let's exchange some snow and sun. Shall we?

I have finally arrived in Vancouver and all settled. I have travelled around a lot and was away from my blog for a long time, but snow I am ready to share my ideas and give some tips for the upcoming holiday.

Christmas and New Years Eve are my favourite holidays. I see these holidays as good celebrations because it's the time when we are most kind, forgiving, charitable and also loving.

And of course its the time of giving! We are all now starting to send greeting cards and gifts through post mail and also start to put them under the tree. So I have decided to share some very decorative and creative ways to wrap those thoughtful gifts. I have included different varieties so that you can get inspired whether you are the minimalistic, loves those luxurious ribbons, vintage classic or the cute polka dot retro individual.

I hope you all got some ideas and let me know which of the wrappings is your favourite? Share some of your wrappings as well. 

Have a happy wrapping! 

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