Spring Colours of 2014

Monday, March 24, 2014

Hello my lovely readers!

Spring time is the world awakening and the March winds are the morning yawn.
It is my favourite season and it is the time of rebirth and inspirations.

Now that spring has officially arrived, here is the report of the spring colours of 2014 to inspire you and bring excitement for the season. So here are the colours!

The colours a mix of pastels, neutrals and bolds and are inspired by the beautiful colours like those you see in the field of flowers that are bright and tropical, the picture perfect rainbow sky and the magical blue ocean.

The colours are great when they are combined, but at the same time they are beautiful on their own.
The pastels induce a sense of calmness and the neutrals are just like the colours in the nature for balancing the brights that add confidence and vivacity to any colour in the palette.

I hope the colours inspired you or brought an excitement for spring. The colours are definitely bright, fun and carefree just like the season. 

What is your favourite colour?

~Happy Spring! ~

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