How to Decorate Your Christmas Tree Faster, Smarter and Prettier!

Sunday, December 01, 2013

Hello my lovely readers!

Thanksgiving is over, winter is here and it is the last month of the year 2013!
Welcome December!

This month is one of the exciting months of the year. I remember counting down days towards the new year and looked forward to seeing Santa Clause when I was a child. Receiving a present from Santa was like knowing that I was a good child that year, but now I love the idea of giving presents to the people I love and appreciate. There are lots of fun and unforgettable childhood memories of me and my family decorating the Christmas tree together!

Because I am a decor enthusiast, I love Christmas and New Year. It is one of the busiest decor season and houses, streets and malls are decorated and get ready for the holiday season. 

This year I decorated lots of Christmas trees! I mean a lot! We all know that decorating our home Christmas tree is a work and it takes time. I learned some helpful ways to decorate a tree efficiently and faster after decorating countless numbers of trees. And yes the tips and tricks will help your tree turn out pretty too! Your tree will add colour, warmth and holiday spirit to your home!

So without further a due, here are my top 10 tips and tricks to help you decorate your perfect Christmas tree:

1. Check everything!

This is the most important tip out of all!

Before you setup your tree, check everything! Most people don't notice that they are missing a part or the broken lights. People fluff the tree, put the ornaments first and then plug in the light last. And guess what? The lights don't work. Now all the work they have done, they have to undo and redo. So check if you have all the parts of your tree. Setup the tree first and connect all the light plugs and see if they work. 

Check if you have enough ornaments or if the ornaments are in one piece. Due to bad storage, ornaments do break and you might need to buy more ornaments. Once everything is working and you have all the things you need, you can move on to the next step.


2. Fluff your tree layer by layer! (with the tree lights on)

Most trees comes in 3 or more layers. The bottom, middle and top layer. Set up the legs and the bottom part first. Plug in the light and fluff the bottom part first while the light is on. Once the bottom part is fluffed and look for the light plug and have it ready to attach to the next layer's light plug. Then fluff that layer and so on. 

The reason why you want your tree lights on when you are fluffing is that you will see empty areas of the tree better and fluff accordingly. 


3. Add more lights if you want to!

It is a personal preference whether you want more lights on your tree or you are happy with the lights that came with the tree. Some trees don't come with lights so you will need to buy lights. Make sure you also have an extension cord in case if the outlet is far from where you want to place your tree.


4. Re-string the ornaments if you need to!

The last thing you want is your beautiful ornaments falling down. Restring them or use metal wires to secure even better. It is also a safety tip for people with kids. Secure ornaments are important!


5. Determine the side of the tree to face you and your guests!

Choose the fluffiest and the best side to face you and your guests. If all the sides of the tree are to be seen then make sure they are all fluffed. If it is to be placed in a corner or by the wall then the back side of the tree does not need to be decorated much.


6. Hang the largest ornaments first!

You can use the larger ornaments to fill the gaps and on the inside of the tree.  


7. Hang the ornaments on the outer edge of the tree!

The ornaments look pretty on the outer edge of the tree. You will be able to see the ornaments fully on the end of the branches and lights reflect on them much better.


8. Add ribbons and other types of decor pieces to fill the empty spaces!

You can start with ribbons wrapped around the tree before you hang ornaments too. Its a personal preference and it all depends on how you want your tree to look like.


9. Add the topper and the skirt!

Be careful when you put the tree topper! Don't add a heavy peace because it might shift the top layer of the tree to the side. Choose a tree topper that is a perfect sized for the size of the tree! 
Also it looks pretty if you cover the leg of your tree. Not only it will hide the cords and plugs of the lights, but also it will be a perfect base to put on your christmas gifts. 


10. Have fun!

It is also a very important tip! Have fun while you are setting up and decorating your tree! Invite your friends over if you live alone and make it a fun project! Wine and tree decoration? Why not?! Make it a time to connect with your family members and it is also a quality time too! Make your tree decoration a memory and a joy with your loved ones!

Don't forget to give a hug for yourself if you did it all alone! You are a super star like the one shining on top of your tree!



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