Bridal Photo Shoot Tips

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Last week I had an amazing opportunity to model wedding dresses and evening gowns of different styles. The dress styles varied from short cocktail length dresses to long gowns.
The photo shoot lasted for a full day and here are some important tips I learned that can help you with your photo shoot.

- "Work with a professional and experienced photographer who worked with lots of brides before". It is important work with photographers who are experienced in bridal photo shoots because they can help you with posing in front of the camera and they can bring out your romantic and natural look.

-  "Wear appropriate lingerie for your dress". Nude is the best colour of choice when it comes to wearing white dresses. There are different types of white such as white as snow and ivory (also called off-white). So snow white colour lingerie will be visible through an ivory coloured dress.

Here are some items to bring:

1. Bring shoes of different heights. You might be sitting, standing, jumping and doing all sorts poses so it is very important to bring flat shoes and also your beautiful wedding shoes as well.

2.  Bring jewelries. Jewelries can polish the look and add bring shine to your dress.
P.S. Don't forget your engagement ring! You can have close up ring photo shots taken!

3. Bring hair accessories. Your hair stylist may or may not have hair accessories like flowers or bedazzled pins. Bring what you will be wearing on your wedding day or bring different types of accessories and see which is the bets option for your dress and photos.

4. Bring some of your makeups. If you have sensitive skin or allergic to certain products, let your make-up artist know ahead of time or if you did not get a chance to let the make-up artist know then bring your own toner, moisturizer that will last long and good for camera flashes etc. so that your skin won't get irritated.

... Most important tip is "rest well" before the day of the photo shoot and pamper yourself with face mask and bubble bath. Always stay hydrated. Healthy skin will glow on photos!

I can't wait to show you all the photos once they are ready!

Good luck on your photo shoot!


Crystal D.

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  1. great tips! always bring some of your stuff, you will never know when you need them!

    wedding favors idea

    1. Thank you!
      Love the flats by the way! Very cute idea!
      I will keep it in mind! ;)